May 052012

About two months ago I stumbled upon an amazing find:

The 10-doh figure by squidkidsink

This ABS figure is about 7“ tall and looks like a classic Nintendo cartridge. The blank figure [$30.00] comes supplied with PVC arms and legs and blank stickers for the graphics.

When I found this figure I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating an old classic Legends of Zelda theme out of it, the 10-Doh site had many other really cool custom 10-Doh creations, but I couldn’t find any Zelda related models so it seems like a perfect choice!

Before I started the project I wanted to be sure it would be possible, I had never attempted anything like this before so I was not really sure where to start, but I knew that the first thing I would need for a decent Link is a Master sword and shield. There was no way this was going to work without it, so to Amazon, E-bay and Google I went.

It took some time, but I was able to find a sword and shield that was a good size, the reviews had said that the paint job was terrible, but it didn’t really matter much because it was getting stripped of the paint so I could repaint it myself anyways.


After the armaments were out of the way, I needed was a hat, a quick E-bay search for some Link toys that I could turned up a stuffed Link that I could destroy. Yes, many objects were harmed in the making of this model!

The next step was to make his belt, the local Salvation Army solved that problem, they had the perfect belt that could be hacked up, then the belt buckles were made by cutting up some Lego flags. Things were starting to come together now, but the ideas kept flowing so I just went with it. I found some pretty cool fairy’s in a bottle idea on Etsy which inspired me to check a few stores (Joann Fabrics) for glass bottles and a pewter fairy, unfortunately I couldn’t find any tiny fairies, but I did find an angel charm that would fit in the bottle, sorry to say the poor cherub required a sex change operation before being banished to carry out it’s day in my little glass bottle, but it served its purpose. The Heath potion was simply filled with melted down gel candle.

Everything used for the quiver and arrows was found at the local thrift store, one of my recent posts explained the story of being asked if I was MacGyver, in which I alluded to this project, this quiver is the result. The quiver was made by cutting down a plastic tube, a leather elbow patch and bits from a green belt were wrapped around the quiver, the arrows were made out of some loose pieces of wood and bird feathers. BTW, creating arrows with real feathers is extremely frustrating! striping and trimming down feathers is a painstakingly slow process.


The absolute most difficult part of the project was coming up with the art for the label. I spent a sleepless night of about 8 hours on the label last night. Originally I was just going to print out the classic label right from the game, but I wanted something a little more original that would also work in with a set of eyes. I also did not want to directly call out Legends of Zelda so I tried to come up with something similar that made sense to me. Zelda Classic is the Epic Adventure that started it all, so the title seemed fitting.

So that’s it, the entire project took me about 30 hours give or take a few. The painting took most of the time; research took a bit of time as well and of course playing with the label ideas. This was an exciting project; it was a first attempt at creating something unique completely myself. I’m very happy of the way it turned out, may try another sometime. I hope you like it.

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Dec 102011

Happy 18th Birthday Doom!

18 years ago today was the release of a video game that helped make me into the Geek I am today. Is it strange that I remember the details around when, where and how I got this game better than I can recall what I did last week? Do you remember when you first played Doom? How about your first network match? BFG all the way, Chunky Beef!

Want to relive the Doom experience? You can! its free to play here:

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Dec 052011

So lack of posts does not mean lack of creative geekyness. I’ve got a huge backlog of great new stuff to post about, but first…

The unveiling of the new Geek pad. Our Media/Gaming/Hobby room is nearly complete! I plan on posting the specs soon, but for now I’m very excited to release some pics.



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Mar 122011

It was an interesting winter to say the least. Check out the local wildlife after the “Great Blizzard of 2011”.

“Aaaw look, its the Moma and the baby. Timid creatures those At-AT’s.”

Speaking of Blizzard, whats the two biggest reasons I have not been blogging?

Yes, that’s the new baby playing World of Warcraft Cataclysm. What can I say, he loves his Epics.

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Dec 042010

I decided to work on a special feature for the hanger tonight as a small side project. This was an experiment to see if I could create a Battletech like LCD screen. I think it turned out nicely.

To make this, I photoshopped together some screenshots from MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and printed the final graphic to photo paper. I then cut some opaque and transparent plasticard to use as the front and back of the LCD and used some Micro Kristal Klear to glue everything together. I used the Kristal Klear because it drys completely transparent, so if I had accidently got any on the picture it would not be noticeable.

When I’m done painting the hanger, I will probably use a few of these as giant LCD diagnostic displays. I will make a dozen or so based on a couple of different Mech designs. If you look closely, in this one I actually played the game for a bit so that I could get a screenshot of the Atlas after the arms were blown off… It took me an hour to realize that rather than leave the damage to chance, I should just make a custom Mech with no armor on the arms =). I plan on making the Atlas model looking beat up and without the attached arms just like the damage output on the screen. I may need to get some larger scale terrain so I can make these for 28mm screens as well.

This hanger is going to look awesome when I’m done!

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