May 182011

Really, the CDC posts a zombie preparedness plan as a way of spreading real preparedness of a “real emergency. This brilliant marketing campaign is not something you would expect out of the CDC, but it’s real.

“There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e.” as quoted directly from the CDC website. The post goes on to link users to the zombie preparedness 101 which intends to give good preparedness information for all important emergency situations, zombie and other.

This is a great idea, with the exception of massive alien takeover, I can’t think of anything pre-disaster that would drive a bigger audience to the CDC site. The problem is, the CDC must not have properly prepared its servers for the massive onslaught of traffic brought on by this post, because rather than zombie survival information, the only thing coming up on the CDC blog site is the browsers loading… message.

Hopefully they get on top of this server issue soon, because this campaign is seriously EPIC.

Shortly after I posted this I was able to get in, and I was not disappointed. This is a great article released by the CDC, I highly recommend the read. This will not just help get you prepared for a zombie attack, but also to prepare you in the event of any other important emergency’s. So, aside from the server mishap, way to go CDC, +5 geek points for you!

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May 142011

I had a great time at the Motor City Comic Con today. I got to meet some great celebs and artists, get some cool autographs and photos and buy some nice stuff for the geek den. I really wanted to take my son Xander with me, but he was still recovering from a cold, so it will need to wait till next year.

Here are some of the better photos from the event.

Tricia Helfer signing my Battle Star Galactica poster at the Motor City Comic Con. I didn’t really know what to say, so I just told her I was nervous, but i love her work.

Brent Spiner giving me a “Manly hug”. It was really great to meet him, it brought bake a lot of great memories of watching Next Gen with my dad as a kid. He signed the perfect photo for me, its of him as Data painting. It’s going to be hung up in my Painting room.

I had the great honor to meet and get a personally signed print by Larry Elmore.

Random Starwars goodness, some great photos of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion.



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Mar 122011

It was an interesting winter to say the least. Check out the local wildlife after the “Great Blizzard of 2011”.

“Aaaw look, its the Moma and the baby. Timid creatures those At-AT’s.”

Speaking of Blizzard, whats the two biggest reasons I have not been blogging?

Yes, that’s the new baby playing World of Warcraft Cataclysm. What can I say, he loves his Epics.

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Nov 012010

Halloween 2010 was our expectants sons due date.  He is yet to come meet the rest of the family, but he should be here any time.  We still had some fun this Halloween while we waited for Tophers arrival, apple picking, tricker-treating and of course what’s Halloween without Ewoks and Space Invaders? 


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Oct 302010

It’s been a while since I posted, this final sememster of college has been a difficult one.  However there is a light at the end of the tunnel, its almost over, soon I can have my extra time back to focus on my family and of course my hobbies. 

For now, I wait anxiously for the end of the semester which will hopefully coenside with the delievery of what looks to be the most amazing model I have ever seen.  If you have not seen this yet I highly recommend checkign it out, this model has been a work in progress for years, but it looks like its finally ready to be casted and shipped. 

The Heresy Dragon has been on my lookout list for a couple of years, it is finally just about ready to go and the pictures look amazing. 

This Dragon is certaintly not inexpensive, according to the Heresy site this thing will probably run  around £100 or more depending on the final production cost.  I’ve got my pre-order in, the quality and detail on this thing is phanominal. 

Expect a review and pictures as I build this thing.

Heresy Dragon

Heresy Dragon

These pictures are from the Heresy site, they have mush more posted on the page, go check it out!

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Jun 142010

So really, what more could a dad ask for than to have his son want to be just like him?  Well Xander is only one and a half and he is well on his way to becoming more powerful than I could possibly imagine… 

Point 1. Geek from the Womb,
Midi-chlorian count what?

I could not help myself, i know, its terrible… but it was so frak’n funny… 

Darth Xander “Destroyer of Worlds”.

Point 2.  He really is not going to be all bad, I mean the very first thing he saw when he was born was an autobots logo, that has to count for something.

Point 3.14159265 Night Elf Hunters overpowered?
Just a bit. This kid took out an Orc Rogue at 3 months.

Point 4. You may be to short for a storm trooper, but never to short to be a tiny Lord Vador.

Point 5. Atleast he is well rounded.

Now, I don’t care what people say about him growing up to be a geek, I grew up to be a geek and ended up great.    The bottom line is, he’s my kid, he’s going ot be a total pimp… How could he not with a name like Xander, a smile as cute as this, and mad Night Elf hunter skills. I mean come-on!

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