May 052012

About two months ago I stumbled upon an amazing find:

The 10-doh figure by squidkidsink

This ABS figure is about 7“ tall and looks like a classic Nintendo cartridge. The blank figure [$30.00] comes supplied with PVC arms and legs and blank stickers for the graphics.

When I found this figure I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating an old classic Legends of Zelda theme out of it, the 10-Doh site had many other really cool custom 10-Doh creations, but I couldn’t find any Zelda related models so it seems like a perfect choice!

Before I started the project I wanted to be sure it would be possible, I had never attempted anything like this before so I was not really sure where to start, but I knew that the first thing I would need for a decent Link is a Master sword and shield. There was no way this was going to work without it, so to Amazon, E-bay and Google I went.

It took some time, but I was able to find a sword and shield that was a good size, the reviews had said that the paint job was terrible, but it didn’t really matter much because it was getting stripped of the paint so I could repaint it myself anyways.


After the armaments were out of the way, I needed was a hat, a quick E-bay search for some Link toys that I could turned up a stuffed Link that I could destroy. Yes, many objects were harmed in the making of this model!

The next step was to make his belt, the local Salvation Army solved that problem, they had the perfect belt that could be hacked up, then the belt buckles were made by cutting up some Lego flags. Things were starting to come together now, but the ideas kept flowing so I just went with it. I found some pretty cool fairy’s in a bottle idea on Etsy which inspired me to check a few stores (Joann Fabrics) for glass bottles and a pewter fairy, unfortunately I couldn’t find any tiny fairies, but I did find an angel charm that would fit in the bottle, sorry to say the poor cherub required a sex change operation before being banished to carry out it’s day in my little glass bottle, but it served its purpose. The Heath potion was simply filled with melted down gel candle.

Everything used for the quiver and arrows was found at the local thrift store, one of my recent posts explained the story of being asked if I was MacGyver, in which I alluded to this project, this quiver is the result. The quiver was made by cutting down a plastic tube, a leather elbow patch and bits from a green belt were wrapped around the quiver, the arrows were made out of some loose pieces of wood and bird feathers. BTW, creating arrows with real feathers is extremely frustrating! striping and trimming down feathers is a painstakingly slow process.


The absolute most difficult part of the project was coming up with the art for the label. I spent a sleepless night of about 8 hours on the label last night. Originally I was just going to print out the classic label right from the game, but I wanted something a little more original that would also work in with a set of eyes. I also did not want to directly call out Legends of Zelda so I tried to come up with something similar that made sense to me. Zelda Classic is the Epic Adventure that started it all, so the title seemed fitting.

So that’s it, the entire project took me about 30 hours give or take a few. The painting took most of the time; research took a bit of time as well and of course playing with the label ideas. This was an exciting project; it was a first attempt at creating something unique completely myself. I’m very happy of the way it turned out, may try another sometime. I hope you like it.

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Feb 292012

Here are a few more photos of some of the terrain I’m currently working on.

The Solar Panel Array is pretty cool, I tried to make it look more spacey by giving it more of a gold/copper reflective color for the panels. I’ll have to put together some type of moon base / terrain to use it on.

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Feb 262012

Today I took Xander to Autorama in Detroit.  We got to see some pretty cool cars, but the real excitement came from meeting Billy the Exterminator. Xander LOVES this show, Billy is very much Xanders childhood hero so making the trek out to the D was completely worth it.  I actually could not believe how long the line was to see Billy, we arrived at about 1:00 and unfortunately found ourselves far beyond the “End of line” sign holder which met we were not guaranteed an autograph.  Fortunately the wait (about 2.5 hours) turned out to be quite entertaining.  We met some nice people, had some fun watching Billy on Netflix, and ate some cookies and icecream.  What more could a kid want… except maybe some classic Detroit Coneys… yum!


Billy was awesome.  I always feel really good when you wait in a long line to see someone who has been signing autographs for hours and are completely happy and appreciative of YOU coming out to see them.  I think its great, he let Xander tell him about his favorite episode and even signed his spikes.  What an awesome time!

After Billy, Dad got to find his hero, the Bumblebee Camaro from Transformers 3.  Love that car!


Finally, a bonus, Spongebob Squarepants.  oh, make no mistake, Xander says Spongebob was cool, but Billy was his favorite.

It was a great day in the D.

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Jan 222012

This is preparation for my first attempt at realistic miniature photography scenes. I made the tree using bead wire, Milliput putty, paint and woodland scenics foliage. It took a while, but I think it turned out very nicely. The plan is to make terrain and scenery that look both real and extraordinary. The original idea to do this was from Matthew Albanese.

I’m starting off very small right now, still learning how to make little things and do photos with some of my miniatures. I will most likely start with some Battletech scenes. I have some great Xmarx models to hopefully photograph real soon.

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Jan 202012

Well, it’s been another year. Honestly I’ve not made nearly as much progress with all my modeling projects as I’ve wanted too, but as the kids start getting older I believe I will have more time. I can already see them taking interest in painting and sculpting. Sure, they are using watercolors and play dough, but it’s only a matter of time before I move them on to bigger and better things!

I was able to get to building a few models during Christmas break. Per usual I’m afraid to touch these with a brush, but to be honest they look pretty awesome as is. So awesome in fact they now command the top spot in my display case.

These limited edition Kingdom Death minis are by far the most highly detailed minis I have ever seen and they each come with some great artwork and a certificate with the number of your LTD cast.

The attention to detail is phenomenal; these models look completely polished and dynamic from every angle. The Kingdom Death game itself is still in development, so I cannot speak to how it will be, but after seeing the work put into these figures I have no doubt this game will be cool.

So it will be some time before I can put these figures to use, but other than just the simple coolness factor of collecting these models, the other fun part is that by purchasing these limited edition high quality resin casts, it’s actually helping to fund the project and get the game built, so in a way we get to contribute to the development of the final game.

The popularity of these models have been increasing fast, some of the models have sold out in less than a day, and one in less than 8 hours! So I have been following the site closely and waiting in anticipation for each new model release. Unfortunately I’ve missed a few of the really cool ones, like the Grand Mother, Wet Nurse, and Grom but I will continue to look into acquiring them down the road. It’s seriously gotten to the point where I’ve stayed up all night just waiting for them to be added to a cart.

One word of warning for beginners, the detail on some of these figures is so good that it’s very easy to accidentally break pieces off. If you plan on getting into the Kingdom Death line, be prepared to start a project that requires extreme patience and precision. But even after a few mishaps, these things look great.

Take a look at these pictures, and don’t forget to check out the site Kingdom Death, these are not to be missed!

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Dec 052011

So lack of posts does not mean lack of creative geekyness. I’ve got a huge backlog of great new stuff to post about, but first…

The unveiling of the new Geek pad. Our Media/Gaming/Hobby room is nearly complete! I plan on posting the specs soon, but for now I’m very excited to release some pics.



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Sep 292011

The highlight of the Detroit Fanfare for me was Robocop! You may have heard about the Detroit Robocop statue project, if not you can find more information about it here.

Ever since I heard about the project I’ve been looking for a unique way to celebrate the fact that Detroit was getting a Robocop statue. I wasn’t quite sure what to do until finally I found out that Peter Weller was going to be in Detroit.

I picked up some Robocop models from Pictures/site probably looks familiar, I recently did the site for BamBam and did a lot of the photos for them. =)

Anyways, here’s the semi-finished model, signed by Robo himself. I still need to paint the figures, but the base is done. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Peter Weller was great, he let me take the picture even though the fanfare people did not allow it, This was a great addition to the collection. This is a hometown gem for the collection, I cant wait to finish it.

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Sep 252011

There were some great artists at the Detroit Fanfare this weekend. These were just a few of what the ones that really stood out.

Kurt Einhaus |

Michael Calandra |

Dave Aikins |

Dave is an interesting character, I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Motorcity Comic-con in May, this time I came prepared. Dave does the artwork for both Zombies and for Many of the Nickelodeon books such as Dora, Diego, SpongeBob and Backyardagins. So while I got my Zombies game box personalized with some cool zombie art, Xander got a few of his favorite books signed as well.

Jeremy Bastian | Jeremy was one of the Artist for The Guild Tink one shot comic; he did the Tink tall tale story piece. Of course I had him sign the comic for me.

Diana Harlan Stein |
Diana did a great transformer character for Xander, this is a photo of a copy, but check it out.

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Sep 252011

I took my son Xander to his first comic book convention this weekend, it was a great time. We had the opportunity to mean Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firefly & Serenity) as well as Peter Weller (Robocop). The fair was at Cobo Hall in Detroit, it wasn’t quite as cool as Comic-con, but it was still fun.

Here are some of the events highlights for us:

Adam Baldwin (Jayne) signing my Hero of Canton poster.

Adam was very cool to talk to, we talked a little Firefly of course and he mentioned he would love to do it again. But the thing that really set him apart from other celebs that I’ve talked to was a chat about our kids. Having an almost 1 and almost 3 year old I asked Adam if he had any good parenting advice. His whole hearted answers seemed really out of place coming from Jayne, the same man who said “Do you know what the chain of command is here? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with to show you who’s in command.” on Firefly.

Paraphrasing an awesome ten minute conversation, his advice was 1.) Take lots of pictures and video, especially while they are still young. 2.) Don’t ever fight with your spouse in front of your kids. 3.) Tell your kids no, yes is good sometimes, but they need to hear no. 4.) Save your money, and most importantly; 5.) “Never yell at your kids with hate in your heart.” Adam advised that you should be more like a coach, be instructional and guide them.

It was just really cool to hear advice like this from him; sometimes it’s easy to forget the actors have lives just like we all do.

More to come later…

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