Feb 262012

Today I took Xander to Autorama in Detroit.  We got to see some pretty cool cars, but the real excitement came from meeting Billy the Exterminator. Xander LOVES this show, Billy is very much Xanders childhood hero so making the trek out to the D was completely worth it.  I actually could not believe how long the line was to see Billy, we arrived at about 1:00 and unfortunately found ourselves far beyond the “End of line” sign holder which met we were not guaranteed an autograph.  Fortunately the wait (about 2.5 hours) turned out to be quite entertaining.  We met some nice people, had some fun watching Billy on Netflix, and ate some cookies and icecream.  What more could a kid want… except maybe some classic Detroit Coneys… yum!


Billy was awesome.  I always feel really good when you wait in a long line to see someone who has been signing autographs for hours and are completely happy and appreciative of YOU coming out to see them.  I think its great, he let Xander tell him about his favorite episode and even signed his spikes.  What an awesome time!

After Billy, Dad got to find his hero, the Bumblebee Camaro from Transformers 3.  Love that car!


Finally, a bonus, Spongebob Squarepants.  oh, make no mistake, Xander says Spongebob was cool, but Billy was his favorite.

It was a great day in the D.

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