Jan 202012

Well, it’s been another year. Honestly I’ve not made nearly as much progress with all my modeling projects as I’ve wanted too, but as the kids start getting older I believe I will have more time. I can already see them taking interest in painting and sculpting. Sure, they are using watercolors and play dough, but it’s only a matter of time before I move them on to bigger and better things!

I was able to get to building a few models during Christmas break. Per usual I’m afraid to touch these with a brush, but to be honest they look pretty awesome as is. So awesome in fact they now command the top spot in my display case.

These limited edition Kingdom Death minis are by far the most highly detailed minis I have ever seen and they each come with some great artwork and a certificate with the number of your LTD cast.

The attention to detail is phenomenal; these models look completely polished and dynamic from every angle. The Kingdom Death game itself is still in development, so I cannot speak to how it will be, but after seeing the work put into these figures I have no doubt this game will be cool.

So it will be some time before I can put these figures to use, but other than just the simple coolness factor of collecting these models, the other fun part is that by purchasing these limited edition high quality resin casts, it’s actually helping to fund the project and get the game built, so in a way we get to contribute to the development of the final game.

The popularity of these models have been increasing fast, some of the models have sold out in less than a day, and one in less than 8 hours! So I have been following the site closely and waiting in anticipation for each new model release. Unfortunately I’ve missed a few of the really cool ones, like the Grand Mother, Wet Nurse, and Grom but I will continue to look into acquiring them down the road. It’s seriously gotten to the point where I’ve stayed up all night just waiting for them to be added to a cart.

One word of warning for beginners, the detail on some of these figures is so good that it’s very easy to accidentally break pieces off. If you plan on getting into the Kingdom Death line, be prepared to start a project that requires extreme patience and precision. But even after a few mishaps, these things look great.

Take a look at these pictures, and don’t forget to check out the site Kingdom Death, these are not to be missed!

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