Dec 102011

Happy 18th Birthday Doom!

18 years ago today was the release of a video game that helped make me into the Geek I am today. Is it strange that I remember the details around when, where and how I got this game better than I can recall what I did last week? Do you remember when you first played Doom? How about your first network match? BFG all the way, Chunky Beef!

Want to relive the Doom experience? You can! its free to play here:

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  2 Responses to “Happy Doomsday!”

  1. Doom is the game that convinced me to drop my Amiga and finally enter the PC world (with a cheap AMD 486 knock-off.) It remains one of the only times I’ve thought, “I didn’t know a computer could do that.”

    Playing death-match over dial-up was a new experience, so tense that my wife loved coming up behind me and yelling BOO to make me jump a mile. I tried playing a few times on the craptastic DWANGO service, but was less than impressed. We even tried a lan party before lan’s were common, by using some janky software that let us null modem computers together and simulate an IPX network. Oh, the memories.

    Doom 2 is what convinced me to upgrade to 8MB RAM. I never thought anything would need more than 4MB, but the added memory increased the frame rate nicely.

  2. Thats great!! So it’s not just me! I remember my uncle picked it up for me at a computer show. I immediately called my friends to tell them I got some new game named DOOM! We pulled an all nighter playing DOOM in the dark. At the time that game was one of the freakist games we had ever played. I remember the first pinkey deamon. Not long after we started playing we got into doing deathmatch over our dialup and spent the marjority of our nights seeing who could kill the other person in the best way possible. Good times!

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