Dec 022010

Update: Still 37 in queue, they are at 17 of Oct 19th, 2011 (yep in over a year). blah. Will do an unveiling when/if it ever comes.

Its official, I got the confirmation that I am number 37 in the queue for what could easily be the most Epic miniature ever made (Although I’m not sure miniature is the correct term for it, as this thing is a beast! ).

The Dragon, sculpted by Andy Foster at Heresy Miniatures is on the horizon. No word yet on when it will be ready to be shipped, they are still in the mold making processes.  Once that part is done, they will let me know the shipping costs and soon enough I will be painting the obvious centerpiece of my collection.

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  1. LOL, I’ll bring it by and show it off when I get it =)

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